Hearing Loop

We are Hearing Loop Equipped!
Something we have been waiting and preparing for at Christ the King, is the installation of the Hearing Loop system.  It is finally here!  Installation happened on Tuesday, November 28.  It covers the entire seating area in the sanctuary and the narthex.  Most hearing aids have a t-coil inside of them which allows any sound that goes into the microphone to come directly through a person’s hearing aids.  We rejoice for many of you who have been patient with this phase of the Building & Renovation Project.  In addition to the system, we have purchased two “receiving loops” which can be used if someone has difficulty hearing and doesn’t have hearing aids.  These receivers can be picked up at the Welcome Desk.  We would suggest you carry your own personal earbuds to worship for the sake of cleanliness.  Please read the announcement below to be sure you can hear better in worship!


Hearing Loops allow people who wear hearing aids to directly receive the sound from the church’s PA system in their own hearing aids without having to pick up a separate listening device.
Do you use hearing aids?
If you wear hearing instruments you will need to find out if your hearing aids have this wireless receiver called a T-coil or Telecoil built in, in order to benefit from the hearing loop in our church. The T-coil program is accessed by pushing a button on a hearing aid. This T-coil program has to be activated by your audiologist. Talk to your audiologist to find out if your instruments can have both a T (no background noise pick up) and an MT program (blended micro-phone & T-coil program) for improved hearing at church.

Hearing loops improve hearing aids!

Digital hearing aids have significantly improved in the last decade, but they do not restore hearing to normal. Difficulties often remain when in challenging listening situations. Hearing loops help hearing aid users overcome this problem by broadcasting sound without background noise or reverberation.

For questions about your hearing aids and telecoils talk to your audiologist.  To learn more about hearing loops visit: www.hearingloop.org or www.drssound.com