Refugee Update – CtK Good Neighbor Team

The Good Neighbor Team would like to update the congregation on the status and accomplishments of the Afghanistan refugees they have prayed for and supported for the past 4 months.

“God calls us in the small choices of each day.”

The Christ the King family chose to sponsor refugees through World Relief.  It is through the generosity and commitment of this congregation that the men are succeeding in making a new life for themselves.  Two apartments were completely furnished and supplied with daily needs, and many “wants”.

 and Nawid are father and son and live together in one apartment.  Both attend English classes at NWTC while holding down full time jobs at Bon Appetit at Lawrence University.  They commute by bike, in that with transfers public transport takes too long.  That may change as the weather gets colder.   Barat was a chef in Afghanistan. Nawid has his learner’s permit and is learning to drive.  They left behind a wife/mother and child/sibling; we are told that they “live far away in Afghanistan”, but there is no school for the younger brother and no cell phone reception.

Daud left a wife and 9 year old child behind in Afghanistan.  He also is attending English classes at NWTC while working full time at W International, a plastics factory.  He bikes to work and lives in an apartment with Najib.

Najib also left loved ones behind, but details of their whereabouts are sketchy.  This situation has caused Najib some angst, but he seems to be coping better now that he, too, is employed at Bon Appetit and goes to school at NWTC.

Moussavi arrived 2 weeks later the the original 4 men.  All 5 lived in an apartment together, until another apartment was secured for them.  Moussavi is employed at W International with Daud; they bike together, but both admit that Moussavi is the faster biker.  He also takes English classes and is trying to get his driving learner’s permit.  He had a driver’s license in Afghanistan, but has not yet passed the test due to translation issues.  Moussavi lives with Karmy.

Wait!  That’s 6 men, not 5…. Karmy is a Afghani man who is here on a military visa and arrived about 7-8 months ago.  He has done interpreting for World Vision and has helped all the men with translating and introducing them to the Afghan community.  He lives next door to Barat and Nawid and he has become an integral part of their socialization.

World Relief has stated that the fact all men are employed and going to school is no small feat and due to the hard work and diligence of the Good Neighbor Team and Christ the King!  There are Team Members who are still interacting and socializing with the men, but the goal of assisting them to be self-sufficient has been reached.

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.”  Heb. 13:2

Thank you for your prayers & support!
~Good Neighbor Team