Scrip Information

$crip is the same as using cash—
Using Scrip benefits you, our church & its members! 

$crip cards or certificates are exchanged dollar value for dollar purchase. The advantage of using $crip, however, is that each vendor returns a certain percentage to the church. For example:  You purchase $100.00 worth of Kwik Trip with a return percentage of 5%, or $5.  At this time, some of the profits are being used to purchase additional “on hand cards” so that members do not have to wait a week to get their Scrip.  Additional profits are going to be used for special projects in the church.

Use KWIK TRIP Scrip Gift Cards for your gas needs! We are encouraging CtK members to use our SCRIP Program to purchase your gas! Pastors, staff and Church Council will be participating too! SCRIP is a program that sells gift cards to area businesses in which we receive a certain percentage back. For example: You purchase $100.00 worth of Kwik Trip cards with a return percentage of 5%, or $5 back to CtK. SCRIP cards may be purchased Sunday mornings at the SCRIP table. Cash or checks only. Checks should be made payable to “Christ the King”.   THANK YOU!    

How to purchase $crip—

Visit our $crip table in between Worship on Sundays.  On the top of the $crip order form, write the date, your name & phone number. The correct phone number is very important in case we have any questions. Finally, fill out the spaces indicating the type and amount of $crip you wish to purchase. In exchange for your cash or check, you will receive the $crip certificates you desire in one week if ordered or at time of purchase (if on hand). You can order & pick up any Sunday with the exception of holiday weekends (Christmas, New Year & Easter).

$crip Vendors—
We have a list of over 160 vendors who accept $crip.  For example, you can pay your Kohl’s credit card bill with $crip, you can purchase gas for your vehicles from Kwik Trip, Express Gas & buy your groceries from Festival Foods, Roundy’s, Woodman’s & Piggly Wiggly and get your chocolate donut from Manderfield’s!  Another great idea for $crip is giving gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and Christmas!  Please check out our great list of vendors!

Contact Deanna Gjerald 920-202-2420 with any questions regarding our $crip Program or if you would be interested in volunteering to sell Scrip.