History of Christ the King Lutheran Church

Christ the King has a 35-year history of being part of the Fox Valley area. Our story began in 1980 when Pastor Steve Nelson was called by the Lutheran Church in America (it would later merge with the American Lutheran Church to form the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America of which we are currently a part) to begin a church in the Darboy area which was projected to grow in the coming years.  Pastor Steve, began my knocking on doors and visiting homes to bring together a group of people to form Christ the King Lutheran Church.  Our first worship service took place in the gym of Jansen Elementary School and we continued to worship there for our first several years together.

In just a few short years, the gym at Jansen no longer fit the needs of the people who gathered on a regular basis, but a more permanent home was needed. A plot of land along HWY N was bought and plans of building were designed and funded.  In 1985, the people of Christ the King led a parade down Wallace Street and up HWY N to their new location to begin worshipping in their new location.

As people were actively living out their faith in the Darboy community they naturally attracted new people who wanted to find out what was happening during worship and to have their children learn about the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. Along with this natural attraction, new homes were being built in the area and so more people filled the building.  Therefore, in the mid-90’s, an expansion to the sanctuary was built along with a fellowship hall and Christian Education classrooms (this is the building we currently have).

At the same time, there was a projected population growth in the Sherwood area. The people of Christ the King said, “If we built a church once, we can do it again.”  Therefore, Pastor Steve along with other members once again began knocking on doors.  A new gathering of people began in 1996 and Pastor Doug Bisbee was called to work alongside Pastor Steve in leading these two locations, but one people, in their faith.

In 2000, Pastor Doug became Associate to the Bishop of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin (the synod to which we belong in the ELCA) and Pastor Bill Schroeder was called to help lead the people of Christ the King. Not long after, the people who gathered in Sherwood grew to the point of them needing their own building and so they built in 2002.  Then, as the community grew so did the church and Christian Education classrooms were added in 2009.  During those years of growth in Sherwood and in Combined Locks, Pastor Steve took a new call in the Twin Cities area and Pastor Doug returned to Christ the King (2004).

In 2009 Pastor Doug switched careers. He moved from ordained ministry to pursue a career as a counselor.  At this time Pastor Tim Krick was called to work alongside Pastor Bill.  In the pursuing years, the people of Christ the King were faced with a question.  Are we “one church in two locations” or have we become “two churches”?  In 2012, when Pastor Bill took a new call in northern Wisconsin, the people of Christ the King addressed this question.  We decided that it was time to go from a “parent-child” relationship, to one of “sister churches.”  The people in the Sherwood location had formed their own identity and it was time to bless them and release them as their own church.  They formed their own church council and called Pastor Doug Holtz as their pastor.  You can find out more about them at www.christthekingsherwood.org.

At that time, Pastor Tim remained at the original location (Combined Locks, WI) and the church continued to grow. Our belief has always been that we are not about “growing” the church, but rather about “being” the church.  We believe, that if we be the church in our lives, growth will naturally occur.  This has occurred, and due to this growth, a second pastor was needed.  Pastor Nate Gauerke was called to work alongside Pastor Tim in 2015.

In addition to the preceding, there have been numerous interns. Christ the King has considered itself a “teaching congregation” in many ways.  It has provided the atmosphere and environment for pastors and members alike to experiment and try new ideas and ministries.  We have never been a community that has said, “This is how we have always done it and that is the way we will always do it.”  We believe in a sense of history that guides us into the future and not one that anchors us in the past.

At this point in time, we are looking at renovating and expanding our building once again so more people can hear about and experience the transforming love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. We don’t know what the future will hold, but we trust it will be good.  We trust this because wherever we are led and whatever happens, God will be with us.   If you have read this far, we would love to have you be with us also as we live into the promised future of God.