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Faith"Full" Family

When I think of my religious faith, my first thought is of my faith family, or church family if you prefer. My faith in God is one of knowing He is a loving, accepting God who finds joy in providing what we need, whether that need is physical, emotional, or spiritual. I can find that same joy with my faith/church family. We are blessed to have Christ the King "full" of loving, accepting and giving people.

Several years ago, my cat died. She was old and sick, but her passing on was emotional for me as she was loved as part of our family. The next day at church, I thought I was controlling my emotions for most of the service, but several people asked me if I was OK. Some people I knew well, but others I didn't know except for seeing them casually in church. Their concern for me helped lighten my sorrow that day and showed me with their actions, God's love.

Coming to worship and other church events continually shows me God's presence in the actions of my fellow church family members, acting out the same kind of love and acceptance that God shows us. This is very helpful when life weakens my faith at times. Seeing their faith in action helps to strengthen my faith and inspires me to try to be more God-like in my choice of actions.

I pray for everyone to see God's presence in the actions of others and for their good works to help strengthen people's faith in God.

Tina Kopiske

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