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​Stories of Faith in Action

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

“Stories of Faith in Action” connects us as church and illustrates how, through your generosity, God is at work across the ELCA. It highlights how a portion of your offering, called Mission Support, advances the ministry of our church, helping the ELCA nurture Christian community, raise up leaders, serve our neighbors and strive for justice. Most importantly, it’s one way to thank you for your faithful generosity to your congregation, your synod and the churchwide organization — by showing your offering at work.

Download the latest issue, view the interactive flipbook and check out the digital storytelling platform. May it give you hope, inspire new ministry and remind you of your connectedness as a beloved member of this church. We are grateful for the story God is writing in our hearts as we help more people know the way of Jesus and discover community, justice and love.

The publication Stories of Faith in Action and the resources that go along with it are designed to share how important your weekly offering in your congregation is in sustaining and growing God’s mission. The portion of your offerings that support the ELCA’s synodical and churchwide ministries is called Mission Support. The publication and resources found here help explain and answer questions about Mission Support and tell the story of those gifts in action.

You can also check out more stories of faith in action at

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