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Music Sooths the Soul!

Martin Luther, the reformer of the church, once said, “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” Throughout our daily living, we do treasure music. In the holiness of worship, when traveling in the car, or in the times we want to relax, music is our soothing connection for the soul.

For those who have rhythm and the ability to play a musical instrument well, I give thanks to God for them. For that matter I give thanks to the four people who provide worship music on the piano. To Joy, Carol, Kristy, and Thomas. You say who is Thomas? Thomas has been our pianist the past 3 out of 4 weeks and this Sunday 5.29 will be his last. Thomas arrived at the right time to give a break after a busy Lent and Easter season. Thomas is a senior at Lawrence University, and he saw on our website that we were looking for a Worship & Music Coordinator. He inquired and he has been playing since. Unfortunately for us, but good for him, Thomas will be graduating in June. We have been blessed with his ability and willingness to share his talent! After his graduation ceremony, Thomas will be headed to Duke University for graduate school. His plan is to study theology to become a teacher. I wish Thomas well and Godspeed! In the same breath, I give thanks for many people who join us as partners in the faith. Together we make music with whom God blesses us with!

I mentioned our open Music & Worship position (which is posted on our Christ the King, Combined Locks, website). We have not had many qualified applicants. However, to update you, we will be interviewing two candidates soon. I ask for your continued prayers that we find a suitable applicant who can share their gift of music, to sooth the soul.

Christ’s Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate

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