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Vicarius (Latin)

The third year of seminary is known as the “internship” year. The first two years of seminary,

including CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) are invaluable to building up one’s repertoire of

theology from the study of scripture to the inner workings of worship, and pastoral care. The

internship year is a great time to put into practice what you’ve learned, try new things, and

expand one’s abilities.

It has been over ten years since the CtK congregation has had a beloved intern. As a congregation we are to support, model good boundaries, be playful and curious, offer grace, and help develop a future (but also present) leader in the church.

We will refer to Sommer as “Vicar Sommer.” Vicarius is Latin for “substitute”, in our Lutheran context it is a church title for an official, acting in some special way, like a pastor.

In our unique situation, Vicar Sommer Loar, has been serving with us for nearly two years as our Confirmation & High School Youth Leader and for sabbatical this past summer they have overseen worship, preached, shared in funerals, and visited many who needed pastoral care. Something that maybe you haven’t seen an intern do is preside over Holy Communion. Vicar Sommer has SAM (Synod Authorized Ministry) privileges to consecrate communion in worship.

I will act as supervisor along with the CtK Council and a lay internship committee who share excitement for this program and have the skills to nurture a positive evaluative experience for growth. As a congregation we will make space for grace to abound and to share with Vicar Sommer opportunities to teach and interact in many different contexts. Please share your support and be present for Vicar Sommer. Most of all pray for and enjoy a year of growing a church leader!

Help welcome Vicar Sommer officially on Sunday, September 17 in worship and with a special fellowship!

Christ’s Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate

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