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10 Reasons to Get Connected

It’s back to school season. Which means it’s time to register for ALL the things! As you take the time to think about how your family will be prioritizing time this year, we encourage you to consider how you'll be connecting with your faith community, and, how plugged in to faith stuff your kids will be.

Granted -- we're pretty biased here, but that's because we take the promises we made at your child's baptism VERY seriously, which means it's up to all of us to work together to raise our young people with a strong faith in God.

10. They'll have fun -We've got fun activities lined up with fun people. We're bursting with FUN!

9. They'll meet new people who are gathered for the same reason - It's pretty great when people can get together with one common purpose, and here at CtK, we gather to celebrate the Body of Christ!

8. Their critical thinking skills will be pushed and challenged- Having faith is hard work, and sometimes the Bible can be a little confusing. As a community, we work with students to think deeply about their faith and what they believe about God.

7. They'll have the space to freely and safely ask BIG questions- Sometimes it's hard to ask BIG questions because we're afraid that people will make fun of us. The thing is -- NOBODY here at church is going to make fun of students for exploring and asking the deep and not so deep questions of faith. They're all GOOD questions!

6. They'll get to explore their gifts- God built us all with them, but sometimes figuring out what spiritual gifts we come with is hard work. We'll walk alongside your kiddos and help them identify how God build them to serve and love in the world!

5. We practice loving our neighbors- Let's be honest here: the world needs more LOVE. When kids are plugged in at church, they are learning and practicing how to love God and love their neighbors. They might not always nail it, but you can be assured we'll all be practicing and working together to be better at this!

4. YOUR faith will be strengthened - part of what's fun about having kids around is getting to see the world through their eyes. As a parent or caregiver, YOU will get to see and hear how God is speaking through and working in your kiddo. Also, we OFTEN hear our table guides say how much THEY learned in classes because things just sound different when you're older!

3. It's something you can do as a family - in a world where family time is quickly disappearing to sports, work, and other commitments, getting plugged in at church is something your family can do TOGETHER

2. They'll meet trustworthy adults who are ready to be their village - Here at Christ the King, we're firm believers that faith is formed through personal, trusted relationships. We also have people who have already said YES to helping raise your young people in faith. Basically, we have all the ingredients needed to partner with you helping your child's faith get sparked!

1. They'll know they are loved by the God who made them - in a world where kids are getting all kinds of messages, all the time, they -- along with us adults -- need to be reminded REGULARLY that they were fearfully and wonderfully made. We're here to be continual reminders that God loves them SO MUCH, and we are here to affirm the person God created them to be.

So... Now’s your chance to start getting plugged in this year! Registration for Sunday School, Christian Education, and Confirmation are all open RIGHT NOW! On top of that, we'll have all kinds of other things going on throughout the year for you and your family to come immerse yourselves in Christ-centered community! Susie

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