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Grow iN fAITH

Growing in faith and relationship with God is a life-long process. We are a community who gathers to ask questions together, and to explore what it means to be God's people. We can't wait to grow alongside you!


Walking with our confirmation students as they grow in faith is one of the greatest privileges we have! Between 7th and 9th grade our students get to dig in explore what it means to be a child of God as they prepare to affirm their faith in God through an affirmation of baptism service in the spring of their 9th grade year.

Children's Ministry

We have a saying around here that says, "If we're not cryin' we're dyin'." Young people are the life and heart of our worship and faith community. With youth development being a core value of ours, we are committed to walking alongside you as you raise your littles up in faith!

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Adult Bible Study

Scripture can be peaceful and comforting, and it can also be really confusing and trigger more questions than answers. Each week, adults gather together to dig into the scripture reading of the week, and consider historical context along with how God is at work in the text. Our time together is both enlightening and challenging, and we invite you to jump into the conversation with us!

We gather at 9:30 am on Tuesday mornings

High School Ministry

As the lives of high school students have become busier and changed over time, our ministry to them as changed as well. Rather than finding time in their schedules to gather as a large group, we instead gather in small groups of 2-4 with Pastor Dara and another Youth Mentor for fellowship and meaningful conversation over a meal or coffee. Summer trips and occasional retreats are part of our ministry too! Connect with Pastor Dara to learn more or to get her connected to your student!

Prayer Group
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