Called to walk with you

Our Pastors and staff at Christ the King aren't the church, we're just the people who help YOU get plugged into being part of God's unfolding creation. We partner with you and the Holy Spirit to listen to where God is calling us to bring love to life in our local community.

Meet The Team

Nate Circle.png

Lead Pastor

A cross-loving, nature-grooving, map nut who loves walking with people at all stages in life. Sometimes a fountain of dad-jokes, and always up for pointing out where God is dwelling in people's lives.

Pastor d.png

Associate Pastor: High School Ministry & Innovation

A fun-loving, creative, Lord of the Rings nerd who walks with young people on their faith journeys. Also known to experiment with all things new and different in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Tina Final.png

Community Life Coordinator

Welcoming, empathetic, and with a goofy sense of humor, Tina coordinates our office operations and is the person to connect with when you have questions about how you can serve in worship and other ministry areas.

Sue Final.png

Visual Storyteller

As a creative, travel-loving, sports enthusiast, Sue uses her gifts and skills to spread the Gospel through visual means. She works with worship presentations, weekly eNewsletters, and social media. If you're reading anything from CtK, you're seeing Sue's work!

Susie Final.png

Director of Faith Formation: Birth-6th Grade

Self-described as a craft enthusiast, a hippopotamus admirer, and a lover of classic films, Susie works with families to pass on faith. Kids LOVE spending time with Ms. Susie! Contact Susie for all things related to Sunday School and Christian Education


Choir Director

Joy is a fun-loving, karaoke lover with perfect pitch whose life passion is in making music with others. As our choir director, she works with people of all singing abilities to find their voice to share as an offering.


Music Ministry Coordinator

Francisco is a gifted musician with a love of sacred music. He is excited about helping our local musicians in the congregation be the best they can be. Hailing from Southern Mexico, Francisco has a passion for orchestral conducting.

Aubrey Final.png

Director of Faith Formation: Birth-6th Grade

As an analytical, optimistic, lover of books, Aubrey has everything we love in a finance manager. She works with ministry partners on managing their giving, along with offering transparent information on church finances.

Alex S.png

Interim Youth Ministry Assistant

Alex is a gentle, caring guy who tends to be into "nerd" things. He works behind the scenes on preparing youth activities and communicating with families.

Richard (He/Him)


Richard is a laid-back guy and a sports enthusiast. He can be seen around church taking care of our building and working on small projects. In his spare time he goes to his cabin up north, and enjoys mowing the lawn.