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We believe faith formation is a life-long process that begins at birth. There is a place for you and your young children to grow in faith here at Christ the King!

a place for our littlest 

We love having your kiddos involved in worship. We love it so much, that we created a special space for them right at the VERY FRONT of our sanctuary!

Our Prayground is a space for kids ages 0-3 to sit with their families, play, sing, and look around at what's happening up front.

There is always a place for you and your family, and we gladly embrace all the sounds that come from our youngest members fully participating in worship.

During these pandemic times, our prayground has been stripped down a bit, but you are welcome to bring quiet toys and books for your child to use during worship.


baptism is at our very core

 Baptism is the very center of everything we do! Our lives in faith start at baptism, when the Holy Spirit marks us with the cross of Christ.

Baptism can happen at any age, but most of the time we do infant baptisms.

Contact Tina, our Community Life Coordinator, for more information on baptism.

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