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Dear Church Family,

I invite you to become involved in our wonderful church music program. There are many opportunities for church and community members to share their talents to glorify God, uplift and edify our spirits. Opportunities include volunteering to play an instrument in a special place for a church service, being a song leader or joining one of our choirs.

In the case of playing instrument for church, it doesn't have to be an advanced player. Children and youth and beginning and intermediate stages of their training are highly encouraged to share what they know for the glory of God. One thing worth mentioning is that participants do not have to be soloists, I would encourage. Anyone to play or sing together in duets, trios or larger groups if that gives you more confidence. Good.

Parents, encourage your little ones taking music lessons to play or sing for church. That is exactly how I got started in music, there’s no better place to do it than church, where everyone is supportive and encouraging, and where the main purpose is to honor God with your talents that He has entrusted in you.

Many blessings, Francisco, Music director.

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