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A Place for Everyone

A few months ago, during a staff meeting, Pastor Nate asked us each what our favorite church season was. I wrestled in my head for awhile weighing which season was my favorite: Advent or Lent. Honestly, it’s still a perplexing question for me. Maybe because I’m indecisive in nature, or maybe because there are equal parts in each of them that I look forward to each year. I still can’t decide.

But now that Lent is officially here, I will let myself soak up every bit of it. Each year I have the privilege of leading our young ones in learning about God’s radical love for ALL of us – even the grumpy ones. Through planning and leading lessons on what a sacrament is and why we have been commanded to participate in them, I find myself more spiritually rooted, each year. I look forward to the questions and the wisdom that flow from the children that are anxious to join us at the Lord’s table. Their eyes light up when they hear repeatedly how God has made a special place just for them and that there is plenty of room for ANYONE to join.

This year brings back a few of my favorite activities, that were put on hold during the height of the pandemic. I am so excited to be able to share these deeply rooted CtK traditions with our students to prepare their hearts and minds for their first Holy communion. For the first time since 2019, the entire class along with their parents, will be able to sit together in the same room to create banners that will adorn the sanctuary, for their first communion. They will also be preparing the bread that will be used for Maundy Thursday worship – the very bread they will eat for their first communion. This is very messy process, but one of my absolute favorites. Please keep an eye on the star board for supplies that we will need to bake communion bread. Some changes have been made to the meal that the class, along with their families, will share prior to worship on Maundy Thursday. We are calling this an Agape meal. A meal to celebrate God’s unbounding love for us. Which really is what communion is, isn’t it? While the Agape meal isn’t communion, it will be a chance to families to celebrate God’s love along with celebrating this incredibly sacred rite their child is receiving. It really is a beautifully sacred time in the church year.

I ask that you pray for our first communion students, their families, and their teachers as they make their way to the Table. May they be greeted with open hearts and open arms, just as Jesus greets us all.

Your Sibling in Christ,

Susie Selle

Director of Faith Formation: Birth – 6th Grade

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