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We have been blessed with the amazing YMCAs of the Fox Cities. I know for me personally; the Heart of the Valley- Y(HOTV-Y) has been a God send. Prior to it being built, I did not use the other Y’s as they were just a bit further from Kaukauna or the parking was frustrating. So, I used the school gyms in to workout in when I could squeeze it in. Then the HOTV -Y was created in 2020…. with a pool!! For me, it was just what was hoped for as my knees where in need of replacing and water exercise was much more beneficial for me.

As a ‘Y kid’ growing up (my dad had been a Director at a Y for 10 years in Kenosha prior to moving into teaching), I fully experienced the amazing programs that Y’s provide. So, for me to have an opportunity to serve on The Board of Directors at the HOV-Y was an opportunity that I relished as I headed into Re’fire’ ment (that time in our lives when we complete our careers and look for other things to ‘fire’ up about and avenues to serve.) While on the Board, I found out that one of the processes we were asked to assist with was the YMCA Annual Campaign. Yup, a fund raiser to generate revenue to provide the opportunity for ALL wanting to participate in Y activities. I was a bit reluctant as I dislike asking others for money but sheepishly proceeded to seek out support.

In that process, the Holy Spirit nudged me to approach our church, Christ the King, about contributing to the YMCA. After all, the C does represent our Christian faith and it was the critical aspect that Ys were developed upon. So, I met with pastor Nate, he brought it to the Church Council, and it was approved for the 2020 Y- Annual Campaign. I was very grateful as was the HOTV-Y. But little did we know that the Holy Spirit had bigger plans than a one-time gift.

I made the request again in 2001 and it was also approved but much to my surprise and amazement, the Church Council decided that the outreach to the YMCAs aligned with the vision and mission we had established through Strategic Planning and recommended to place the annual contribution to the HOTV-Y in our annual spending plan as part of ongoing benevolence. And our congregation, once again, generously approved this. That means we will contribute to the HOTV-Y $1,000.00 each and every year until membership determines not to. WOW!!! How wonderful is that?

Please know that we give the $1,000.00 as part of the Y Annual Campaign’s Banner program. So, if you go to the Y, look in the first gym at about mid court on the north side of the gym and you will see our Christ the King banner. It is not there as a boastful sign of ‘look at us’ but rather ‘we believe in the Y’s work and we support it with our resources.’ It is another avenue for Christ the King to put into action Genisis12:1-3 that we are ‘Blessed to Be a Blessing’ and do outreach to benefit others.

But if you are curious as to what ours and any one else’s dollars go to via the YMCA Annual Campaign, I have included that information taken from the YMCAs of the Fox Cities website. Please feel free to seek me out with any questions and on behalf of the many children, adults, and families we support…THANK YOU!! We are making a difference.

Jack Pautz

From the Fox Cities YMCA website:


Every dollar you donate to the Annual Campaign affects all of us in the best possible way: through before and after school care, swim lessons, health & wellness, diabetes prevention, summer camps, teen leadership, family activities, child care, youth sports, senior social hours, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA and, of course, financial assistance that ensures our doors are always open for everyone, including those most in need. These are just a few ways your donation helps provide opportunities for everyone who walks through our doors.

100% of your donation directly supports financial assistance and program subsidies for your friends, neighbors, and members of the Y community.”

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