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Church Giving is Valued & Needed

(This week’s blog comes from Aubrey Novak, CtK’s Financial Manager.)

I have good news and bad news and more good news. The first good news is that God doesn't nee

d our money to make an impact in people’s lives. God is the omnipotent creator of the Universe. God will find a way to make things happen with, or without us. However, the bad news part, we may not like the result when we don’t work with God. Good news, God wants to work collaboratively in faith to give back to God and one another!

So why do we give to CtK? The reality is that CtK does need financial support here on earth to make an impact and share its ministry throughout the world. That’s just a reality of the world we live in.

This doesn’t mean CtK needs to change its ethical standards when it comes to money. But we do have to practice stewardship and model it for our ministry partners inside and outside the church. There is a balance for all of us, because our blessings vary from person to person. So, what does the Bible say about giving?

“One tenth of the produce of the land, whether grain from the fields or fruit from the trees, belongs to the Lord and must be set apart to God as holy.” —Leviticus 27:30

There are plenty of scriptures about giving in the Bible. Many examples from Scripture show how giving back demonstrates our faith in God. We cannot serve two masters, so we give to show our deference, our respectful, humble submission to the Lord.

Maybe 10% isn’t attainable now for you and your situation, but we all can start somewhere. Maybe it’s 4% or it’s a weekly dollar amount if we’re not in a regular practice of giving. Either way we do it, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:6-15). The Apostle Paul reminds us we are to do our giving out of a love for Christ, rather than any obligation. When we give through the church it is outward an act of faith.

Sharing our blessings by giving at CtK happens many ways. We have some traditional ways that I’ll explain later and some newer electronic ways of giving online or by mobile giving. These electronic ways scare many churches because they don’t feel prepared, but at CtK we are excited to share these options, because this gives greater opportunity to reach more people and share our faith.

Here are the 7 ways to give to God at CtK:

  1. ACH - one simple form (insert link to form) you fill out stating the account you would like automatically debited on YOUR terms - there are three options: 1st of the month, 15th of the month, or weekly every Friday.

  2. Online bill pay through your financial institution. Do you pay your bills online every month? Why not add a monthly offering to CtK and have your financial institution mail a check on your behalf?

  3. - another platform to give through whether it's recurring or a one-time offering. Click the link here:

  4. Venmo - have the app and want to easily send an offering? Our username is @ChristTheKing601 Or Click this link:

  5. PayPal - use this platform often? You can easily send an offering to: @CTK601 or click this link:

  6. Offering Envelopes - quarterly envelopes are mailed out to partners that have opted in for envelopes. If you do not receive envelopes and would like to, please email Aubrey at

  7. SimpleChurch - you can give any time you would like on SimpleChurch or setup recurring giving with either your debit or credit card! You are in control of your account and can schedule or cancel giving. To get started, text GIVE to 920-212-4343.

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