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Fall is here!

Colored leaves, pumpkin pie, and CTK’s stewardship campaign. Yes, I put our stewardship drive with the good things of the season because I am reminded of how very blessed we are. Stewardship, and this years theme “BE CHURCH” gives us the opportunity to review our blessings and gifts, and then decide how we can share them with our congregation. CTK uses our gifts to reach out and share Christ’s love with all.

Please take the time to reflect on all aspects of your blessings; time, talent, and financial. Then decide, with prayerful consideration, what you are willing to share in Christ's name, with the rest of the world. BE CHURCH, BE THE BEST WE CAN BE TO SHOW GOD’S LOVE.

A prayer adapted from one of our previous campaigns:

Dear God, As I consider your call , with all you have given me, I pray you will reveal the joy and gift of giving. Help me discern where you wish me to grow. Give me guidance to know your leading and to follow your will faithfully. Help me to give thanks for your presence and daily blessings in my life. Bless the stewardship appeal, our CTK family and the many people we impact. Help us to “BE CHURCH” and share our joy and your love. AMEN

Our Stewardship Sharing Celebration is November 13th join us for a special sweet treat after church.

God’s Peace, Sue Kerzisnik, Stewardship Committee

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