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God's Love Song

Both Mary and I were pregnant at this time 58 years ago - she with her second child, I with our first. Even though my sister-in-law was only five years older, the fact that she had already birthed a child and that I loved her dearly, caused me to look to her for advice and useful hints during our ‘relative’ pregnancies. We had such fun, sewing maternity clothes and giggling over our version of ‘Santa baby’. She played the piano, and I sang along.

Memories of that long ago Christmas are stirred when I hear of another mutual pregnancy in the Bible, The story of Mary and Elizabeth. Scripture says they were cousins who stayed in touch, especially in the face of miraculous conception and impossible odds. With profound amazement the soon to be moms, upon meeting, burst into song! Mary's magnificent and Elizabeth’s ‘Blessed are you...’ resound again this Christmas.

Funny how that is. Sometime in life, there comes a moment when you're moved to burst out with a song from deep inside. Whether you feel it or not you realize the great things that God has done in you and in your life have nothing to do with beauty and bread and brains. It's an amazing conception in that God loves you. God's Love Song simply wells up in you like a song of birth that is no ordinary birth.

The birth of Jesus in our hearts is a miracle incapable of rational description. It is a song staccatoed by the kick of tiny feet, a song filled with hope for a child yet unseen. These are God-given, servant-driven, age-old, yet unborn dreams kicking within us waiting to be born in bringing God's Love to light in the world.

Advent people are waiting, dancing a stumbling sort of gait along winter sidewalks and honking our way down busy streets because we know someday the lame will leap into the circle with our Lord and the whole world will join the dance. And we sing. On behalf of the dumbfounded we sing. We believe God loves us and wills us to harmonize with the angels those old familiar tidings of great joy, peace, and hope. We sing because Jesus is born in us again.

So sing, Mary. Sing Elizabeth. Lead us in your song.

Judy Deckert

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