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Hello! Welcome!

That’s right, we welcomed 12 New Partners into the congregation this past Sunday. We normally have two classes in the Spring and Fall, but we needed to add another one over the summer because there was so much interest. God’s blessings and mercies abound, and we celebrate with great joy for these new people who join us in serving God!

Some of these people have been attending from quite some time. Others for only a short while. Some are relatives of CtK partners, others have moved to the area. People of all ages, even expecting a newborn. As a pastor it is a joy to get to meet people, hear their stories, talk about their faith, and share the many ways they can be involved and active in their faith. Please take some time to reach out to them at worship, welcome these new faces, and connect with them so that they become familiar to you.

At CtK we call our people partners, because together we strive to work together, play together, worship together, and share life’s challenges together. I heard a quote that I have shared before, but I feel is important to share again, “We are stronger than me.” Together, we can do so much more. Together we share all that life can throw at us. And yes, together we are stronger, especially with Christ in our midst! Welcome to Christ the King, where God’s love comes to life!

Christ’s blessings and peace throughout your week,

Pastor Nate

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