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Holy Shift! Vision Renewal

 *Our next gathering is April 6, 9am-2pm – come to part of all! Food and child care provided.


We had a lot of fun during a couple of playful exercises that helped us to get aquatinted with one another, share some history and stories of CtK, and prepare for our second gathering! Thanks to many who came for part or the whole time! Thanks for the wonderful meal and snacks provided!


So, what happened? What did we learn? What are the next steps? If you weren’t able to come to the first Holy Shift! day on Feb 10 that is alright. Here is a sample of what was shared:

  • How do we become Masterful Relationship Building  Centers in Christ?

  • Discipleship begins at baptism

  • It’s all about Relationships!

  • Get out into the community and share Christ

  • Move from Holy Witness to Holy “Withness”

  • More than feeding those in poverty, but being in relationship with the poor

  • Many people are lonely, how do we engage the world

  • We already have everything we need to carry out ministry!

  • Our church size model has changed – 2 pastors to 1, Program size to Pastoral size

  • There has been a paradigm shift for mission renewal and our approach and thinking needs to change too!


Hopefully this gets you thinking a bit about what “shifts” need to take place for yourself and for CtK to continue to serve God and our community.


What can I do to get ready for April 6th?

Begin with an open mind. Prepare to collaborate and be open to the Holy Spirit!

Our homework – to ask these three questions of people we encounter in the community. It may be police officers, teacher, service people, etc:


  1. What joys do you have in your life?

  2. What energizes you?

  3. What are the most challenging things in your life?

*Make note of the people you talk to and what they share, so this info can be used at the April 6 Holy Shift event 9am-2pm!

*Your time is important to develop our future ministry!


Christ’s Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate

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