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Mission Possible!

Woot! Woo!

You’ve done it! Six weeks ago our church council representatives stood before you and shared how we’ve been watching our finances. We were reaching a critical point where cash flow was slow to come in and at a point of holding payment of monthly benevolence and invoices. We were putting off some important ministry planning, postponing scheduled parking lot maintenance, and holding off on implementing a landscaping plan. A week later one of our faithful households shared they would give us $10,000 if the congregation would match it. That began the “10 Week, $10,000 Challenge.” If we raised that amount in 10 weeks above our average giving, that $10,000 would turn into $20,000! That has happened in 5 weeks! Way to go and thank you for your faithful response!

We shared this challenge in order to spark an increase in giving and for this to be a sustaining solution. Thank you to many of you who have increased, caught up or who give on a consist

ent basis. Your stewardship of what God has given is an important practice of the Christian life. Your giving has been heartfelt and inspiring! In fact, another partner in ministry has been so inspired and appreciative by watching this unfold, that they are willing to extend the challenge another 10 weeks (15 total) and will match dollar for dollar, for another $17,000. That means we could raise another $34,000 more to sustain our ministry! This is utterly jaw dropping to see you step up and care for the ministry needs we have.

What you do matters! People are watching and it inspires and gives hope! Because of your contributions we have been able to send out benevolence to Habitat for Humanity and the ELCA. We have been able to continue our Wednesday Night Outdoor Worship and continue planning

for our fall programming.

Another great piece of news is that one of our recent faithfully departed partners, remembered us in their estate planning for a day when they died. We have recently received an undesignated check for $15,000. The Council met and we will be using this for the necessary repairs, sealing, and painting of the parking lot that was postponed earlier in the year. We hope to have work done throughout the weeks in July.

This is “Mission Possible!” Together, you are making it happen and together we move faithfully into the future of God’s goodness!

Christ’s blessings and peace throughout your week,

Pastor Nate

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