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Path of Life – Reflections during Sabbatical

I wrote in my journal during the first month of sabbatical this summer “Path of Life.” It was bit reflective as retraced the path to Holden Village, a place where I went in 2008, for my previous sabbatical. 15 years ago I with my family for five weeks, however, this time it was just me. This gave me space to rest, reflect, and recharge in God’s tender care, in the Cascade Mountains amongst a safe and holy community.

At Holden, you are part of small community that eats, plays, works, and worships together. You are connected to one another and to God by the rhythms of the day for meals, volunteering, and evening worship. When not part of these rhythms, I enjoy hiking into the surrounding mountains with plenty of water, homemade granola, and an apple. As I walked through the forest my mind couldn’t help but think about how Jesus walked everywhere and so I wrote this journal entry:

I hiked up Martin’s Ridge along 10 Mile Falls today. My mind started to think about Jesus and his many steps he took. Jesus walked the paths through cityscapes, the wilderness, and to parts unknown. He left footprints on the way, fingerprints in homes, and indelible images of God’s love with those in his presence. Jesus came to spread God’s Word of love-grace-hope one footstep at a time. He ministered to a world yearning for salvation. Jesus walked his earthly path in such a way that we can see God. Jesus taught that living faithfully gives depth and meaning to our words and actions. For me, walking the paths of Holden during sabbatical allowed for me to ask these questions:

Who am I?

What value do I have?

Where do I fit in?

No matter the answers we might give Jesus reveals that all are precious in God’s sight! You are a child of God! You belong to God as a child of God! Along my sabbatical path I embrace the opportunity to meet new people, to listen, extend hospitality, and interact with God’s creation.

Today, my path of life has intersected with other people’s paths. I am better for it. I am grateful for it, especially in the sharing of life that God blesses us to blessings to others along the path of life 😊

Christ’s Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate

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