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“SURPRISE” is the word that was yelled at our friends 85th birthday party, when the curtain was pulled aside to reveal the awaiting guests. Our friend stood there frozen, speechless, and in her case smiling 😊. Her sons had pulled it off! She knew that the immediate family was gathering for her birthday, but she hadn’t a clue that relatives from out of state, church friends, musical friends and many other significant friends would gather on a weeknight. Great stories were told of good times, difficult times, and blessed times spent together. We learned so much about our loved one that we had no idea ever happened, which leads us to the celebration!


SURPRISE is waiting for us as we are nearly to the end of our 40 days of Lent. We will face the dark days of Jesus’ last supper with the disciples, betrayal by his closest followers and friends, denial that we even know him, suffering and crucifixion, and finally death. All seemed lost and for nought. Was it a waste of time? Were Jesus’ words untrue? How could anything good come from a lifeless, decomposing body?


SURPRISE of Holy Week comes through our worship as we attend in-person or online to witness the Passover meal turned into our Holy Communion and our 4th grade students ‘First Communion.’ SURPRISE on Good Friday as we hear the ‘Reflections from the Cross’ by 7 people who witness Jesus death and ponder its meaning. SURPRISE comes in waiting 3 days when we visit the tomb and find it empty! What would your reaction be? What does this mean to your faith today?


SURPRISE, we have an Easter Resurrection! Jesus will be called the Living One, for he lives and reigns forever. Is that true for you? He is the first fruits of those who died. All who have died and are baptized into Christ, are to believe and be saved! Let us glorify the Risen One by how we live our lives, speak to others, treat our neighbor, to live a faithful life to the Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier!


SURPRISE happens daily by the power of Christ, the Risen One, in our baptism as God is making us into a new creation! This Holy Shift in reality, calls us to Discipleship – the faithful way in which we follow Jesus Christ our Savior! It calls us to Pivot – when all seems lost and to live in the newness for the sake of the Gospel message that Jesus brings for everyone, for eternity!


SURPRISE comes when we live out our tagline at CtK – where God’s love comes to life!


Have a Joyous Easter,

Pastor Nate

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