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The Joy of Music

Music has always been such an important part of my life. Whether playing an instrument, singing or listening to it. Music can really just change my day. I never understood the impact it had on me growing up. But I loved listening to the beats and rhythms or learning the lyrics by heart and trying to come up with my own. I learned to play several instruments and was always part of the choir, whether in school or in church. I truly love it. I’m not the best but I give it my all.

A big part of my Faith journey has been music. Our journeys are always changing and growing. For me, I always believed, but I also always thought something was missing. I was left searching until I wasn’t. Then I found what was missing, I found the grace and forgiveness that was given to me through Jesus dying on the cross for me. I realized I needed a relationship with Him and there was nothing I could do to earn grace and forgiveness. I also realized that I was not unworthy of this grace.

During this time I was challenged to listen to KLOVE and only KLOVE. My friend challenged me to listen to it for 30 days to see what happens. Well, a lot happened. At first I just heard the music and it was at times soothing and other times made me want to dance. Eventually I learned the lyrics and sang at the top of my lungs. The words spoke to me, I could feel them. It was quite amazing. I went back to my friend and had so many questions. Why were some songs bringing me to tears? Why did some songs make me want to move? Why did it feel like they were talking to me? Why was I waking up to lyrics in my head? She explained to me that the Holy Spirit works in many different ways and this is one way that the Spirit is working in me. This was eye opening to me and some things really began to make more sense. Why lyrics lead me to prayer or became my prayer, why lyrics and melodies lead me to want to praise. And so much more.

I went to my first Christian music concert during this time called Rock the Lakes. It was such an amazing experience. During this time in my life I was really struggling and I knew I needed to give my life to God but I hadn’t done so completely. One of my favorite songs is “Lift Me Up” by The Afters. The lyrics really speak to me. Here is just part of the song:

You lift me up when I am weak

Your arms wrap around me

Your love catches me so I'm letting go

Wow! I heard this song on one of my lowest days and I could just feel Jesus’ arms around me. At the concert, The Afters were singing and during the song, my friend reached down to the ground and found the button picture above, it says TRUST! That's when I finally realized, I need to let go and let God. It was a very powerful moment. This truly has become my song. When I am at a low or even having a great day, somehow this song tends to come on, just at the right moment, and I know all will be okay. His will and plan, not mine!

Kristen Braatz

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