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What do you see? What do you feel?

Many of you have commented about the picture taken just before Good Friday’s, evening worship service by Juli Schuette. What do you see? As the sun is setting, the light powerfully streams through the colored glass cross in the sanctuary, in blinding fashion. A second cross made of birch wood, leans against the altar to show the roughness of Jesus suffering and death. But when you take a photo, a refractured image of the colored glass cross shows up in the picture – God the Three-in-One! Ok, now, what do you feel? Anyone have hair standing up on their neck or sense the presence of God? It is so cool how God shows up, especially when we need it most!

I give thanks to many of you who show up in person and online to our worship experiences on Sundays, Wednesdays of Lent and other special times that we gather. So much happens in our worship space! Our Kid’s Kingdom Choir practices there on Sunday mornings. The Kingdom Choir also practices on Monday evenings. Often the 7th grade confirmation class will take a fieldtrip to the sanctuary to talk about the sacraments of baptism, communion, and more. We hold joyous events like weddings and remembrances of loved ones for funerals. First Communion has been a joy to share with our young and in another week our 9th grade confirmands will affirm their faith. It goes without saying, worship is the main function in which we gather to worship God, give our offerings of thanks, prayer concerns, songs of praise, baptisms, healing services, welcome new partners and guests, broadcast and record worship, and so much more! We are blessed and there is so much to be grateful for! God shows up and provides comfort for what we need.

One of the things you don’t feel recently is heat. That’s right, nearly 8 weeks ago we lost the heat exchanger that provides heat to the sanctuary. We were advised by two professionals not to use it. The part would cost about the 1/3 of the price to repair the 27-year-old air handler. It is kind of like putting “New wine into old wineskins” Mark 2:22 Fortunately, we knew we on borrowed time and we had a “Building Renewal Team” working on getting quotes for the air handler and other necessary mechanicals and building needs. We learned it will take conservatively 26-28 weeks to receive a new one once it is ordered. An anonymous person stepped up after hearing this and gave us the $5,000 deposit to put our order in. I am so grateful for their ability and their faith to provide. We hope to have the new air handler installed before the next heating season. Whoa! Many of you have asked, “How are we doing on getting a new air handler?” So far we have received just over $11,000 out of the $35,000 needed. It is important to mention that when people give toward the air handler to give above and beyond your normal giving. Splitting your normal giving between the general fund and the property/air handler takes away from the cash flow needed for the ministry spending plan. Contact Aubrey if you have any questions about how to give.

Consider how God shows up in your life. What do you see? How does it feel? Your financial gift(s) toward ministry provides so much comfort, it is hard to put into word, but the Good Friday picture reminds us of how close God’s love is to us always!

Christ’s Easter peace and joy,

Pastor Nate

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