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What's Next

There have been a number of people asking, “So, Pastor Nate what’s next? Do we have someone yet?”

Farewell & Godspeed:

First off, let’s all collectively take a deep breath. Breath in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, and breath out for four seconds. A huge THANK YOU to Pastor Dara for her ministry amongst us over the last three and half years! She has beautifully led us in her call to share ministry, she has proclaimed the gospel message in word and deed, and she has opened our eyes to see injustice and seek justice. Pastor Dara has done a remarkable job here at CtK. I wish her nothing but the best as she takes her new call to continue to serve us on behalf of the ELCA as a DEM (Director of Evangelical Mission) in our East Central Synod of WI. I will miss sharing ministry with Pastor Dara, but I know God goes with her and I know God remains with us. Pastor Dara you have been an outstanding colleague in ministry and I will miss the many laughs and tech talks! How will we say farewell and Godspeed?

  • Sunday October 16th we will worship together (9:15am in-person and online) and share a blessing not only for Pastor Dara, but for her family too! Following worship, we will have cheese, sausage, and crackers and anything that goes with dip! So all can fellowship we will not have Discover & Discuss or Sunday School that day.


As I write this, we have several things happen to prepare for this transition. The CtK Council will be meeting Rev Asher O’Callaghan, ECSW Associate to the Bishop, Director of Transition & Discernment later this week. He will lead us through a time of affirmations and the exit process. He will also discuss with us the call process. We will need to form a call committee, write a Ministry Site Profile, and attend to other details as we get our paperwork out for an Associate Pastor. Anyone interested in volunteering, please let me or the Council know. Since this is an Associate Pastor position, and we are a church located in an urban setting, and we are a desirable congregation for call, it shouldn’t take an extraordinary amount of time to call a pastor. Please keep this process in your prayers!


We are in a time of evaluation as we search for a pastoral candidate and a director for confirmation and high school youth assistant. Your Council, Call Committee (soon to form) and I are open to hearing about possible candidates and directions for our programming.

We are all in this together and with faith we welcome whom God is preparing for us!

Christ’s blessings and peace throughout your week,

Pastor Nate

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