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“What we missed because of the pandemic”

Someone mentioned in a conversation that Covid started 3 years ago, it is hard to fathom, at times that it was that long ago. We all remember how difficult it was trying to figure out what we should do next, or what not to do next. We missed:

Going to sporting events, (Packer games)

Movie theaters

Go to a restaurant or hang out at a bar

Hugging people, just being with people

Go to concerts

Travel or vacation on planes

Weddings, graduations

But for this devotion, I wanted to talk about one of the most missed items that involved going to church, singing.

Pastor Steve Nelson would say that music was one of the most important parts of a service. And singing by the congregation, in my opinion is also very important.

It was great when CtK was able to meet again in church, but it was that much more fulfilling when the entire congregation was able to sing together.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a strong voice, if you can read music, or can’t hit those high notes like the Bee Gees. Together we share our gifts of song to the Lord.

This week the Church Choir had their end of season party and I would like to use this opportunity to let everyone know that singing in the church choir conducted by Joy our Choir Director is a gift that you give yourself. Joy is always looking for people to join the choir and she works with people of all singing abilities to find their voice to share as an offering. Choir starts up again in September.


Lord thank you for our church council and their commitment to Christ The King. Watch over Pastor Nate during his Sabbatical , we pray for his physical, emotional and spiritual renewal. We pray also that Pastor Nate will return rested refreshed and excited to again lead this congregation. In your name we pray, Amen.

Ed Albrent

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