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Wonderfully Received

Happy Advent as we continue to learn about God’s “Holy Disruption” and the ways we can lean into this season of preparation by: Breathing, Releasing, seeing God’s Revealing, and this week in Receiving. No pun intended but as the temperature drops, we can use the first letter of our theme weeks to spell “Brrr.” Only two more “R’s” left before we get to Christmas!


It may be overcast and cooler outside, but I am grateful for the many blessings of the CtK congregation! Hat’s off to our Sunday School children who so wonderfully sang and read about the “Signs of Christmas!” Thank you parents, families and CtK partners who smiled and clapped as the young ones shared the message of God’s great gift to us through Jesus our Savior. Many thanks to our Sunday School helpers, SS Director Susie, and Music Director Bree for their love of faith formation for our young ones!


WOW! It has been a joy to see the many gifts pour in from your abundance to someone in need! Many toys, books, purses, games and other items overflowed the tote in the narthex! Your generosity has seen over $850 of gift cards and Thrivent Action dollars help many people in our community be remembered with love. Thank you, Christ the King! The people at Harbor House were grateful to receive your joy!


Although it’s been a few weeks, your generous baking of pies, cakes, bars, and cookies were wonderfully received at Pillars (Appleton Homeless Shelter) for Thanksgiving! Your response is overwhelming and when these gifts of your homes were shared, the people at the Pillars were overjoy and thanked us over and over for the congregation’s thoughtfulness and home made items! Keep up the great gift of giving!


God gives us the gift of breathing in and out the grace of living. Let us learn to let go of the blessings we receive to share them with others. May our eyes be open to seeing how wonderfully God is revealed through our sharing God’s love as it comes to life through the ministry of CtK!


Christ’s Advent Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate

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