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Words of Farewell From Kayla

My favorite song of all time is “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers. To me, it’s the perfect song:

“lean on me… when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on. For, it won’t be long till I’m gonna need somebody to lean on.”

When I think about the people here at Christ the King – the members, the visitors, the staff, I think that this song perfectly sums up how I feel about everyone. These last two years have been anything but easy and breezy. In a time when we have endured a global pandemic, we have lost loved ones and friends, our “normal” seems so very far away, I have experienced more strength and “come lean on me” support from not only those that I work with here at CtK, but from the volunteers, students, and members as well. I like to think and hope, that I have been able to provide a supporting shoulder or listening ear to some of you along the way as well in these last 2 years that I have been a part of CtK.

I have been taking some time these last few months to pray and lean on those around me to try and decide where God is calling me in my vocation as a mom, wife, and a youth minister. I am also a 3k classroom assistant at an Oshkosh preschool in the mornings during the week. I am so very blessed in my life to have two jobs and to have the support of so many people around me. Because I believe in total honesty and openness (and if I may lean on you all for a moment), I must tell you all that my plate has been quite full for some time now. I feel that with all I have going on in my life that I am not able to give of myself fully to everything that I have on my plate, and I have had to lean on more people that I feel is fair to get things done.

With the support of my family and all of the staff here at CtK, I have decided to end my time here at Christ the King. Though I love the confirmation program and working with the youth, I need to take a step back to focus on my vocation as a mom, wife, and preschool teacher. In addition, this pandemic time has been a difficult time for my mental health. I am not a person who likes to “lean on others” for help and support, but I have learned this last year and a half more than ever before that leaning on others is totally necessary at times. It does not make me or anyone else a “bad person” or is something to be ashamed about. Taking care of myself and making sure that I am healthy; mind, body, and spirit is important, and totally okay… and that is what I intend to do as I step away.

I will miss you all dearly and have loved every minute I have worked at Christ the King. I have grown and learned so much from all of you in my time here! Thank you Pastor Nate and Pastor Dara for your guidance, patience and letting me lean on you whenever I needed; I feel truly blessed to know each of you and am thankful for your leadership and ministry here at Christ the King. Thank you, Susie, Sue, Tina, Joy, Aubrey, and Dane, for your amazing teamwork and camaraderie. You are a one in a million team and I am going to miss working with you all dearly! Thank you to all of the teachers, table guides, volunteers, parents and students in the confirmation program. We truly could not run this program without each and every one of you! Finally, but certainly not least, thank you family of Christ the King for these last two years of love, support and acceptance. You have embraced my family and me and have made us feel at home. We will truly miss you all and your welcoming open arms!

In order to tie up any loose ends and make sure the confirmation program continues and transitions smoothly as I step away, my last day will be December 31, 2021. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Christ the King family. I will truly miss each and every one of you and am forever changed by knowing you all!

Always remember that you can “call me… when you need a friend.” I am and will always be somebody you can Lean On. Thank you, and God Bless you all.

Kayla Pfluger

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Jill Hughes
Jill Hughes
17 dic 2021

Kayla, we will miss you, but understand and support that you are doing what you need to do right now. Know our thoughts and prayers for your well-being go with you!

Mi piace
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