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A Music Moment

“Those who sing pray twice.” This is a phrase I have heard all my life and I can verify that some of my most heartfelt prayers have come through my voice in song. I would like to take a moment to highlight opportunities for you to offer your singing voice to Christ the King.

Christ the King is blessed to have many wonderful musicians, including the choir directors Bree and Joy, music director Francisco, our youth and children teachers, special musicians, adult and children’s choir members, song leaders, and Pastor Nate. I enjoy the moments as song leader when I can hear the congregation singing at full voice, knowing that everyone is joining in the Spirit. Please continue to join in the hymns and songs of prayer at Christ the King!

The role of song leader began many years ago as a position to help the congregation know when to start singing and as a guide to the melody and rhythm of the hymns. We are looking for more members to join the rotation of song leaders, and we would gladly support anyone who is not fully comfortable with taking on this role. Song leaders don’t need to assume the role of soloist, and can be done in a group of two or even three. They don’t need to be members of the choir, and youth are welcome to volunteer. Please ask any of the song leaders or Francisco,, if you have any questions or are ready to volunteer.

Have you had the opportunity to hear the choir? We are a lively bunch who love to sing and are led by the vivacious and Spirit-filled Joy Paffenroth. Joy has a knack for selecting music that sometimes challenges us, but she has the skills to help us to learn them and improve our singing abilities. While some choir members have had musical training, the majority are people who simply enjoy singing and the companionship of the other members. Joy says

our choir is “small, but mighty.” We would love to be larger and even mightier! Please don’t be intimidated by what you might think it takes to be a choir member, Joy will set your fears to rest and we will all welcome you into our fold! I have heard many of you singing in church, and rest assured, you have what it takes to join us! Parents of youth, it would be especially easy for you to join us while your student is in class, as we rehearse on Monday nights from 6:30-7:30. Please ask any of the choir members or Joy,, if you have any questions, or just come on a Monday.

Sing on! Karrie Been

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