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An Open Invitation to All

I was asked to share my experience as a FAITHFUL FRIEND and to invite others to volunteer for this wonderful ministry. Christ the King will provide a FAITHFUL FRIEND volunteer with the name of a member who is homebound, or in a long- or short-term facility. As a FAITHFUL FRIEND I contact the individual and offer to visit them, bringing communion, prayer, and companionship. It is a blessing to hear the joy and welcome I receive for that visit.

I typically bring the Word by reading our Gospel for the week and bring a Communion kit from our Sunday worship and a copy of the newest “Christ in Our Home” devotional. I have a goal of reaching out to my “friends” once a month. I have truly built some wonderful relationships with some of our homebound members. Some of these relationships have developed allowing me to visit more often.

I have been there as some prepare to be welcomed home by Jesus. Watching how Christ moves them, their family and me at those times is truly awesome. Seeing how the Lord works in me and in my friends is sometimes unexplainable. As it is said, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” This quote is not in the Bible, but rather it was inspired by faith. It is a divine message that always amazes me when I do not know what to say, but some appropriate words come out.

I have also had the honor to be a part of funerals, as some of my “friends” have passed. Being able to share their journey as well as travelling my own journey has been so uplifting and rewarding to me. There are many ways one can serve the Lord and our church, and FAITHFUL FRIENDS is one I choose and recommend.

I invite YOU to hear the calling to become a FAITHFUL FRIEND. The opportunity God gives us to go out and be the light to others is a rewarding gift. YOU can do it!

When you are ready to accept this invitation, I would be happy to meet with you ahead of time or to join you on your first visit if you would like, or have you accompany me on one of my visits. Call the church office to accept this invitation. I know you will feel rewarded as I have.

Jeff Otto

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