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Cash Flow Crunch

1. Generous Giving & Cash Flow

You will not be surprised, your CtK Finance Manager, Aubrey, keeps an accurate cash flow statement and we know exactly what we have at all times. This is vital because any plans and decisions we make are based from our Core Values and our current MSP (Ministry Spending Plan) voted on and supported by you at the 2023 annual meeting. Honestly, we are not in a position to extend or overspend our MSP. This is why turning in your annual intent or step-up cards are so important. That information, which is confidential, is useful to know if our MSP will fluctuate +/-. One household doesn't make or break our MSP, but when we all act together, our impact to share the Good News of Jesus Christ is exponential!

Our hope is that you make a prayerful, generous, decision to incorporate the faithful discipline of giving to God at CtK. God has blessed you, so we can bless and provide meaningful ministry that reaches within and beyond our church walls.

2. Understanding Cash Flow

CtK understands cash flow because, as shared at the 2023 annual meeting and throughout 2022, our cash flow slowed throughout the pandemic and we haven't fully recovered. As you may have noticed in the CtK 2023 MSP, all programmatic areas had a 10% cut and we cannot hire a second pastor, until our numbers grow. We cannot cut back utility bills, mortgage payments, etc., the areas that get cut are the areas that are most meaningful because those costs are variable, and we can control them.

Holding onto invoices and benevolence until the funds are available to pay them, is not a viable solution. We are aware of the cash flow trickle, the CtK Council and staff are watching purchases and cutting corners where we can. It isn’t always easy to see expenditures in black and white, which is why it’s so important to manage your cash flow effectively.

3. Honoring Relationships

CtK has always put benevolence as a high priority. Faith is our first language. We speak it and we show it through our acts of generous giving and sharing. We honor our relationships with benevolent giving to ministries who rely on our support to care for our neighbors.

In the past our act of faith was to pay all our benevolences at the beginning of the year, except for the more sizable benevolences which are paid monthly. This year we will be paying all benevolences monthly, so our cash flow has time to build and we do not jeopardize our responsibility to pay staff, our ministry partners, and our mortgage.

4. Outreach

Growing and expanding our ministry is exciting. It means new experiences, new partners, and a whole host of ministry possibilities. That happens when generosity, discipleship, and abundance ministry is understood.

Growth depends on you! Welcoming others and being an example of faithful living breeds an environment that ignites others and has impact far beyond our imaginations. Pray for the ministry of CtK and share as God directs you, and we'll see God's love come to life!

Aubrey Novak & CtK Finance Leadership Team

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