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How can I?

I'm always amazed at how reinvigorated, recharged & uplifted I feel after attending a church function, IE: a service, bible study or a volunteer event! Here's a specific example: A few years back, while attending a Saturday morning Doughnut Whole Gang Bible Study, we were studying & discussing the landscapes of where Jesus's ministry had occurred. Terrain was treacherous and travel strenuous in those days. Many journeys included summiting mountains, forging streams and traversing through "Wadis," Arabic for a valley, gully or streambed. Although interesting, I remember thinking to myself that this particular study made no sense at all. I could certainly appreciate the difficulty of traveling in those times, but aside from that, how could I ever relate!? I had/have modern transportation.

I personally (and I didn't see the correlation), was going through my own "Wadi" at the time of this study. A short while prior to that particular Saturday, I had encountered and been going through some difficult personal times. I was a mess. Everything was painful, nothing felt right... Until finally, that Saturday. I remember sharing the news with the group. And, I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a tear or two. It finally occurred to me why this study was taking place and how it related to me personally (which is different and unique for everyone, as to not take anything away from their own lives). You see, valleys (mentally) aren't always a bad thing. To a shepherd or traveler in Jesus's time, Wadis were a blessing! They provided water, sometimes shelter, lifeblood I In my own personal Wadi, my Christian brothers were providing me the exact same things I They were empathetic, caring, counseling, quick to listen & slow to speak, loving - it was great and I'll never forget it!

We all have our own valleys and I hope as you're going through your own Wadi, you find your water, shelter, lifeblood to propel you forward through those times and that you're able to do that for others!

Landon Wiese

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