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Come Be A Tool

The King’s Tools are a group of volunteers who are willing to help with home  projects that people either are unable to do themselves or can’t afford to hire out. Often these involve safety issues within a home. We have installed grab bars, repaired porches and steps and other repairs that have eased concerns of the homeowner. We  work for both CtK members and non-members and for the church as a building. We give our pastors a place to turn when they are asked for help by someone in need or if the building needs attention. More than anything we offer help and hope to those who need it.


This group of volunteers, the Tools,  “opt on” to an email list that allows them to be notified when we send up the Bat signal that someone needs help. The normal trajectory of a project is that someone will need help and we will be contacted to see if we can assist. An assessment is made of the project to determine manpower needs as well as material, equipment and schedule requirements.  If it is felt to be something we can help with, an email is sent out to the list members laying out timing and tasks of the project. If a list member is willing and able to help they respond back to the email confirming their interest and they will be apprised of  task and schedule . If they are unable to help, they simply wait for the next call for help..


Last week we responded to a needed for a wheelchair ramp for someone who would be recovering in their home due to an injury from a fall. This was quite a short notice  but fortunately we had willing volunteers and enough financial resources in designated funds that the Tools were able to provide  the labor and materials to make this happen. 


This is the fourth ramp we have built in the last few years so it was not an unfamiliar task. Since this was a ramp leading up to the front door of the house we had to use treated lumber for this exterior application. Treated lumber is a building material that was greatly affected by shortages  during the covid pandemic so the price increased quite dramatically and suppliers have not seen fit to lower costs since then. This ramp cost 40% more than a nearly identical one we built pre-covid. The Tools never charge for labor (unless we have to bring in a licensed trade to help) and rarely charge for material. We burned through almost all of our designated funds to get this ramp built which is what that money was for but we may not be able to respond quickly the next time there is a call for help. If anyone would like to offer financial support to make sure this type of help remains available, money can be sent to the church indicating it is for King’s Tools and the funds will be placed in reserve for Tool’s projects.


The King’s Tools are not a licensed or insured contractor. We are just people willing to help. The number of names on the Tool’s email list has dwindled over time for a variety of reasons and we  are reaching a critical point that makes it difficult to respond to calls that come in. We are looking for people willing to help populate and expand that list, people that are willing to help, not on every job but to occasionally fill a spot to do work they feel comfortable doing. This is kind of an invisible ministry in the church, lurking in the background , only coming out when special forces are required. Working with the Tools gives the opportunity to serve in kind of a unique way that is unlike anything else within our church family. Come join in the fun.


Jim Weyers  

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