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Fall into Christ! Or Zombie Jesus vs Resurrected Jesus

Last week I noticed through my office window the golden leaves on the trees letting go and floating to the ground into a pile below the branches. One after another, after another, after another. A bittersweet moment to enjoy and realize we won’t see leaves on the trees for several months ☹. However, I still love this time of the year! The crisp morning air, the waxing gibbous moon phase, and the excitement that builds for the holidays that lie ahead.

But as I ponder the time of the year, I read an article “Zombie Jesus vs Resurrected Jesus” by Rev Mindi Welton-Mitchell that made me think. She shared about the scary movies and zombies in our popular culture that come out this time of year. I’m not much into zombies, nor have I thought much about them. But she made me think about their clunky movements and tranced stares. They are not fully alive, as most of their humanity and personality are stripped away. Humm, then consider the many zombie Jesus memes that are jokingly shared at Easter and even now. Unfortunately, this is where pop culture creates a misunderstanding of what being Christian and what the resurrection is about. Essentially, resurrection is to be “fully alive” again and to be full of one’s humanity and identity.

Christ the King (CtK) is a resurrection congregation, living into the new normal, and dealing with transition in our associate pastor position. It will take some time, but this should not keep us from living into the new reality that is being revealed each day. Zombie churches lose their way when their focus is lost or wanting to return to the “old” ways. CtK’s theology is a resurrection theology of a fully living Christ! We are not a zombie church, we are a resurrection church that looks to the risen Christ for strength, patience, peace, love, grace, etc to persevere. In turn we find the holiness that God intends in the newness of each day. So, no Zombie Jesus here, only Resurrected Jesus! Have no fear as we see the trees lose their leaves in the last colorful flourish. Remain faithful and you will see in due time, the buds on trees, the greening of the grass, and sunshine that we long for in the resurrection power seen in nature and in our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Christ’s Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate

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