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As I sit here at our Crafty Friends gathering, I look at each of the wonderful friends I’ve made & deep relationships we’ve built through our time together. I’ve met new church members, supported a friend through some tough times, learned about another friend through her aunt, gotten advice on my craft projects, added folks to my prayer time & listened to each other’s stories. We’ve even had deep biblical discussions. Yes, we bring our crafts – our scrapbooks, wreaths, knitting, crochet, zentangle, sewing, quilting… normally a small portion that we can work on in a few hours. Some come for the full 5 hours, some stop in for an hour or two. Some are church members, some are friends of friends, all are welcome!! And food!! Many of our crafters will bring a snack to share (and then we share recipes!)

So… If you’re interested in fellowship & relationships, consider this your personal invitations to join Crafty Friends. We meet in the gathering space from noon – 5:00pm normally the 2nd Sunday of each month. Mark your calendars for October 8, November 12 & December 10. Bring your friends!!

Deanna Gjerald & Judy Ruhl

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