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Happy Spring! Happy Lent!

Did you know the word “Lent” has Germanic roots referring to the “lengthening” of days or springtime? Yeah, more sunlight! If you’re questioning about saying “Happy Lent,” which may seem oxymoronic, it is okay. We normally think of Lent as somber and inward reflective season of the church year, filled with darkness and cleaning of our spiritual lives. Sure, this year’s Lent has been unseasonably cold, and we are getting more snow than we can appreciate. However, on my morning walks, I am enjoying the signs of spring. The trill of the sandhill cranes as they return, daffodils pushing up through the rich soil, the snow melts quickly when it comes, and our days are being filled with more sunlight. Ah, feel the natural vitamin D!

We are drawing closer to Holy Week, kicked off by Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday April 2, foot washing/servanthood and the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday April 6, Jesus suffering and crucifixion on Good Friday April 7, which takes on a more shadowy tone. However, Easter gives us the greatest surprise, an empty grave. Let us not despair, let us go through the season, because we know how it ends. Easter brings great joy and gives us resurrection, salvation, and celebration! (Not to mention time off from school, chocolate Easter bunnies, and family gatherings!)

We will have some bad days along the way, but there will be far more good days to revel in the joy of what Christ accomplishes – like 50 days of Easter joy! Woot woo!

Let us take time to wish one another “Happy Spring,” “Happy Lent” as we prepare for the season of Easter joy.

Christ’s Blessing & Peace,

Pastor Nate Gauerke

See the CtK website for opportunities to worship.

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