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How can we trust in God for strength?

This week's blog is a devotion that was written by CtK Church Council Member, Kristin Heller, and shared at our January council meeting. We give thanks for Kristin's ministry both as a council member and as a teacher at River View Middle School.

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. -Isaiah 40:31

Lately when I look around the classroom, it looks rough. Schools are a tough place to be right now. Surely not the toughest place to be and likely not the only tough spot but still it looks rough.

  • There are large numbers of students moving in and out of the district because of housing instability.

  • Social media threats of violence are circulating.

  • Students are constantly in and out of the classroom because of COVID.

  • Behavior challenges are up.

  • Homework completion is down.

Last year I was in a different classroom. A third floor classroom along the Fox River and almost daily I would see eagles flying outside my window. They would land in a tree right outside my window and soar above the river searching for food. Thinking about the struggles in schools and remembering these eagles has challenged me to keep the positivity coming. I’m not changing the world, but I am trying to build up the happiness and the strength of the students I see. We do things like Friday songs, talk about goal setting, learn about emotions, listen to Ted talks,watch silly videos and laugh together, talk about grit and perseverance and share daily gratitudes. In these times it is easy to see God’s presence.

So we must ask ourselves, as the world continues to challenge us, how can we trust in God for strength?

Let us pray:

Dear God,

Help us to trust in you

Help us to seek you out in challenging times

Guide us so that we may find strength in you

Grant us strength to help those who see only darkness

Grant us kindness to share with those who need light

We ask that you deliver us inner peace so that we may see your good works

Guide us in our work this evening as we look to lead the congregation in the new year

In your name we pray


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