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Music has the Power...

to unite, to convince, to inspire, to heal... all of them so needed in our world today. Music knows no borders or languages. While it is true that music from different cultures is extremely diverse in all possible ways, music and the behaviors associated with it remain universal across all humans around the globe. For instance, let's look at a lullaby. No people or culture anywhere would use loud percussion or brass instruments to soothe their babies and put them to sleep. What about a military squad marching to war? Can you imagine anyone inspiring the soldiers with soft and slow music of bowed-string instruments? Of course not!

Music is so diverse, and so are personal tastes and preferences, yet there is something in it that transcends cultural barriers and predilections. In a liturgical setting, the appropriate music can inspire us to praise God, to be reverent before his presence and to share our joy together, as a congregation who loves God and one another.

An opera house in Frankfurt, Germany reportedly has the following inscription: Bach gave us God's word; Mozart gave us God's laughter; Beethoven gave us God's fire; God gave us Music that we might pray without words. Going all the way back to Martin Luther himself and a little over a century later, J. S. Bach -one of the greatest musicians who has ever lived-, Lutherans have a long and rich history of musical excellence.

Continuing on that tradition, if you have musical talents, prayerfully consider sharing them in church. If you don't feel comfortable playing an instrument or singing a solo, our church choir is a wonderful and safe place where you can learn and feel the support of everyone around you. We also have a children's choir where the little ones can learn to praise the Lord from a young age. Music is such an important part of worship, and it is my desire that together, with God's help and for His glory, we can bring our musical gifts, our very best to honor God and to enrich the life of our church and community.

Many blessings, Francisco

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