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New Year, Newer You...

The start of a new year is a wonderful time for reflection of the past but also to look to what we want for the future. If you are like me, we tend to make resolutions to “lose weight”, “exercise more”, “eat healthier”. While the essence of these goals is good, they are too broad and are rarely successfully. Studies have shown that to reach a goal, one needs to be much more specific and break a large goal into smaller, more attainable goals. (“exercise more” becomes “take a walk for 20 minutes every day”). Also helpful is to share your goal with someone else or even have them work toward the same goal. This keeps you accountable and more likely to stay the course because you don’t want to let down the other person (Not going for your walk means the other person walks alone).

The goals above are worthwhile, but they all focus inward. They all only affect ourselves. I challenge you all to also include a resolution that focuses outward. And remember to be specific, not broad, in what goal you want to accomplish. Don’t say “I’ll volunteer more”, think of what you are good at or what interests you and use that to narrow down the list of the many volunteer opportunities in the community and here at Christ the King. Doing something you enjoy makes it easier to continue and want to volunteer again. Then choose one, sign up and follow through. And volunteer with someone else, your family or friends, and you will all share in the joy you bring to others as well as to yourselves by spending time with each other.

So as you start 2023, look inward to what resolution will make you a happier/healthy person and outward to find a resolution in the community or here at church in a ministry or worship that will benefit many others.

I wish you success in creating a newer you!

Tina Kopiske

Community Life Coordinator

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