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Pa rum, pum, pum, pum!

Advent has been a great season of preparation for Christ’s birth! Throughout this season Isaiah has shown us the “Way to go.” “Way to god” has been our theme that has led us along the way with hope, peace, joy, light and very soon to Bethlehem and the manger. I give thanks to God for our youth who have been learning, planning, and leading worship in confirmation. Most recently, our Sunday School youth led us Sunday with their Christmas program. The highlight for me was the energy, joy, and discovery of singing our young people shared with us when they sang, “Pa rum, pum, pum, pum” from the song “The Little Drummer Boy.” (Side note: do you remember your first Christmas program? Singing and reciting lines to the congregation?) What gift does the little, poor, drummer boy have to give to Jesus, to honor the newborn king? Pa rum, pum, pum, pum is the sound the drum makes when the little drummer boy shares his gift of playing the drum. Mary, the ox and lamb, and baby Jesus acknowledged, enjoyed, and smiled at the drummer boy and the gift of a drum being played. That gift was enough! That gift was fit for a king!

In a few days we will celebrate the birth of Jesus. We will exchange gifts, visits, meals, greeting cards, cookies, and much more. I would like you to consider what gifts you will share in honor of Jesus’ birth? What gifts will you share with others at your holiday gatherings? What gifts do you have to share with your church Christ the King or another church? What gifts you will share with the community? To the need of the world?

As we take in the sounds and scenes of Christmas, take some time to ponder the beauty of lights, nativity sets, decorated trees and homes that surrounds us. But first and foremost, let us also remember how the Christ child was given so graciously by God to be our Savior. This babe in a manger will give us the ultimate sacrifice, his life, for our sins. When we gather, let us celebrate God coming into the world, in human form, to live, teach, suffer and die. Jesus who is the Christ, gives us the greatest gift, eternal life!

Our youth have revealed Jesus’ purpose in worship of his coming. They have shown us the “Way to go.” Thank you, young people, families, teachers, and many others who have supported them to grow in faith and to learn the depth of sharing their gifts with us and with Christ the newborn King!

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Nate

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