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Share your bright ideas!

So...over the last year I've observed something: teachers and medical professionals are not okay right now.

We all know the pandemic has been hard on everyone, but over the last year the teachers and medical professionals I know have expressed time and again that they are TIRED. Not only are they tired, but they are burned out. Burned out to the point of seriously questioning their vocation and whether they can continue to serve.

For teachers, it's a matter of constantly having to shift gears from having students out with covid or because of close contacts. Topple student behaviors on top of that -- because a lost year of social skill development and the continued stress of living in a pandemic is hard for kids too, AND teachers are trying to manage their own health and the health of their families as well.

For medical professionals...I think it goes without saying. EVERYTHING has shifted in their work as they navigate increased patient loads, modifications galore, a large sector of society who won't listen to their urging to get vaccinated, AND their own health and the health of their families on top of that.

Whenever we as pastors talk about, listening to the needs of God's people, teachers and medical professionals are among those people we are listening to.

If you are a teacher or a medical professional: please know, we HEAR you. We SEE you.

So a question that's been dwelling in my mind for some time now is this: how can we as a congregation serve and walk alongside our teachers and medical professionals in this time of vocational distress?

I, along with our innovation team, have been sitting on this and really thinking hard on a sustainable ministry that will serve these

public servants well.

A few ideas we've had:

  • Offering announcements through school buildings to provide encouragement

  • Offering video stretch breaks to the entire school

  • Creating YOU ROCK rocks to drop off at schools

  • Starting a weekly eDevotional written by retired school professionals to offer spiritual encouragement to current school professionals

  • Offering vocational support groups to those who are struggling with discernment

We're still cooking on some ideas and plans, but I'm curious to hear from you, dear Christ the King: What ideas do YOU have? How do YOU sense our congregation being called to encourage teachers and medical professionals?

We should note: as we have worked to think of ideas, we've also considered that a ministry that doesn't require anything of these folks (such as showing up to something) might be the best direction to go at this point in time.

The Holy Spirit is stirring here at Christ the YOU have our next great ministry idea?

Peace be the journey,

Pastor Dara

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