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Stories of Welcome, Joy, and Connection

One of the things you may notice in our building is the presence of a large kiosk in the middle of the gathering area. You CAN'T miss it as you walk into the sanctuary.

This kiosk is here to help us get re-connected and to get to know one another again. We were away from one another for so long during the pandemic, that somewhere along the lines, we kind of stopped knowing each other.

The Connection Kiosk is an effort of the innovation team to help build meaningful, safe, nurturing, and connected relationships in our church. It's a chance for us all to get to know one another by simply answering the questions on the kiosk. Every few weeks there will be a new set of questions for you to answer, and for you to see how others answered. Curious about a response you see? Consider that an opportunity to ASK and start a conversation with the person who wrote it! You'll be amazed about what you can learn about people and the church when you work through the Connection Kiosk!

Back in June, the ELCA Churchwide Office did a slightly similar thing...they used social media to ask a question of the week because they were curious. From there, they learned beautiful stories of connection and relationship. Check out this write-up about one of questions they posted....

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