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I Celebrate! Rejoice! Give Thanks! for all who attended the CtK annual meeting. I have learned through the years that when I attend an event, like an annual meeting, I ask myself “What are the takeaways?” This helps me to see the value and good that is happening around me. Personally, I would have to say that this was the one of the best annual meetings I have been to in my 20+ years of ministry.

So, what are the takeaways?

  • The day was very positive and affirming about the ministry we share inside and outside of CtK

  • People were engaged and asked good questions

  • Over 65 people attended

  • Building Renewal & updates were given

  • Great support was given for Pastor Nate to be on sabbatical (May-July)

  • Ministry Spending Plan (MSP) was reduced by $64,000 or 13%

  • CtK is embracing a 1-pastor model

  • Cash flow is low and Aubrey shared how giving $20 more a week/month will make a big difference

We are living into the new normal. That means we are finding new ways to “Be Church.” It has never been promised to be easy, but together we are striving for the kingdom of God. We have a solid youth ministry thanks to Susie, Sommer, a host of teachers/leaders, and many families who table guide throughout the year! We have outstanding music thanks to Joy, Francisco, Bree, the choirs, special music, and many song leaders! We have an excellent facility for everyone to join in - thank you Richard and the King’s Tools. We have excellent worship thank you to Sue, adornment team, the tech teams, and many volunteers who make it happen each week! We have a great handle on our finances thanks to Aubrey, Council, and many people who are responsible for the offering. The church office is welcoming because Tina and volunteers seek to connect you to the ministry, we share day in and day out! We are the church and together we learn and grow in what it means to be children of God.

“O give thanks unto the Lord, for the Lord is good and the Lord’s mercy endures forever!” Psalm 136:1

Pastor Nate

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