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The New Year and Resolutions

By: Kristen Braatz

Every new year brings up the common question for many, “What will be my New Year’s Resolution this year?” For many this question may create a variety of feelings. For some it will be a feeling of great accomplishment and for others it will be a reminder of something that did not get done. It may also cause feelings of anxiety about what that “resolution” should be.

As I sit here and think about this, I wonder if we could take a different approach to our “resolutions” this year. Maybe we look at how God wants to use our lives this year. This may sound scary to you, but God has a purpose for each one of us. All of our purposes look different.  That is exactly how God wants it. God wants to use each and everyone of us. This is what makes the church: working together and sharing the love of God.

So this year when making a resolution, maybe we can think of how we can use our time and talents to help serve the church and share the love of God with others. This will look different for everyone and everyone has something they can share. That’s the beauty of it all. It may be physically volunteering at the church, it may be sending cards to someone, it could be joining the choir, it could be visiting someone who is homebound, it may be sharing positive messages with people (there are many ways to do this, through prayer, Facebook post, etc), it may be joining a group or starting a new group. It may be writing a Blog post. Truly, the possibilities are endless. Pray about it and see how God responds.  God truly wants YOU, and that means in any way YOU can show your thanks for the love and grace promised.

So this year, try something new. See where God leads you and together let's make this year at Christ the King, one of the best yet!

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