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Things Pastors Talk About

Every Monday morning Pastor Nate and I sit down and have a weekly meeting. This meeting is to touch base on things going on (in life, in church, in the world), to muse about theological things, and to plan for what's ahead on the church calendar.

There are so many sound bytes that could come from our meetings, but there's one in particular that was spoken out loud that's worth sharing this week:


Granted, we're completely biased on this one, but truly...there's SO much exciting stuff coming up, and not only is God's love going to be coming to life at Christ the King, but God's love will be EXPLODING.

Here's just a preview of some of the things coming up that will be opportunities for you and your household to engage what God is up to:

Sunday School/Christian Education/Confirmation - You've actually been hearing about this for a few weeks, but all of our kid education things are starting soon!

*NEW*: Youth Groups for ALL ages- In the past we've offered youth group gatherings for high school students, then shortly before the pandemic we started offering a beginner's youth group (grades 4-6), but THIS year, we are adding a middle school youth group (grades 6-8) to the mix!

CHOIR RETURNS! Choirs for adults, youth, and children are all coming back! We are so excited to hear all the voices come together!

*NEW* Discover & Discuss- It's like Sunday School...but for ADULTS! After worship each Sunday, adults will have an opportunity to gather for conversation and exploration. Starting on September 18th, we'll be doing a discussion series called Be Like Jesus that explores 4 key attributes of Jesus and how we can live those out.

HS Youth Backpacking Trip- Our High School students are headed out west to get connected with creation this summer! An informational meeting to get details will happen on September 25th

ANOTHER New Partner Welcome!- We just officially welcomed some new partners in ministry into our congregation in June, and we have SO MANY more who are wishing to join, we've added another welcome gathering in September!

Lay School Returns to Christ the King! - Lay school is a program available to all adults who are looking to learn more about scripture, theology, worship, and mission. CtK use to host it here, but then they moved away and now IT'S COMING BACK HERE! So far we have FOUR partners in ministry who have registered for this great learning opportunity! Might you be a 5th?

*NEW* Homecoming Tailgate Cook-Off on October 2nd! - This year, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Freedom, and Appleton North all have their homecoming the SAME week! The Innovation team is inviting folks from all over the area to help us back our teams and get ready for homecoming week! Why are we doing this? To get to know our neighbors and to support our local schools...but mostly to build community and joy in the area. Reach out to Pastor Dara if you are interested in being part of putting this together!

We're Welcoming a NEW Music Director!- Francisco Hernandez will be starting with us in September. He brings with him a wealth of musical gifts and we are SO excited for him to be joining us!


Believe it or not, I could actually list MORE things we have in the works...but I'm going to keep you hanging in suspense :)

There is LIFE and LOVE springing forth from Christ the King, and we are so excited for YOU to be part of it!

Peace be the journey,

Pastor Dara

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