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This will be a game changer!

Our Sunday School and Christian Ed students have been gathering in our lawn and parking lot since September. We have exercised an abundance of caution with this group of students, since they weren’t yet eligible for COVID-19 vaccination. It’s been so refreshing to share these spaces together. I was brought to tears when I was able to see these kids, in person, after sharing only virtual spaces for 560 days. 560 days! But in those 560 days, we still saw God’s love coming to life in our students. Friendships were created in virtual spaces, ministry happened on front porches, the Holy Spirit moved through us as we cared for the most vulnerable by staying physically distant. It was hard. But we learned, with God, we can do hard things.

We’re 2 months into our faith formation programming year. It’s gotten windier, colder, and darker, but the Holy Spirit is still moving through each one of us. We’ve adapted and persevered. We’ve learned to work together and to be more gracious with one another.

Each week, the lawn and parking lot of CtK, have become Holy places of learning. Games have been played, songs sung, stories shared, crafts created, commandments memorized, Bibles blessed, prayers have been lifted, and Biblical chalk timelines have been drawn. Perhaps you’ve witnessed Sunday school between worship services, or you've seen the sidewalk chalk drawings of the nativity story.

I will forever cherish these in between times. Has it been hard? Yes! Has it been frustrating? Also, yes. Has the re-entry team, church council, and staff of CtK been constantly committed to loving our neighbor as ourselves? You guessed it, YES, again!

Thanks be to God, vaccines for our 5 – 11-year-old, siblings in Christ, are now under way! With this newest step towards the end of the pandemic, I am so happy to announce that Sunday School and Christian Ed youth will begin to gather indoors, this coming week. We will continue to practice physical distancing and universal masking, to protect our neighbors. Especially those that are immunocompromised and those that are unable to be vaccinated.

I ask that you pray for us, in this transition. I’m looking forward to continuing to share how God’s love continues to come to life through the children of CtK.

Your Sibling in Christ,

Susie Selle (she/her)

Director of Faith Formation: Sunday School and Christian Education

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