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Why Lay School?

It’s funny how the Holy Spirit works. My life has been quite busy lately, and I wasn’t sure how to answer this question. Lay School has meant many different things to me. Then, on the way to church, the word “Connection” kept coming to mind. At church, during the message, again I heard the word “Connection”. I realized God was showing me some of the why and how God wants me to use what I have learned, (and will continue to learn), with others.

Lay School has brought me a deeper “connection” with God and so many people. It has given me knowledge and skills to use to share my love for God with others. It has opened my mind to a greater understanding of what I was reading in the Bible, how the church functions, how our faith and spirituality blooms and grows, how to just be present and share God’s love with others.

Lay School has also fostered a deep connection with those involved with the core classes that I know will be lifelong relationships. Lay school has also connected me with those who have been a part of lay school in the past and I look forward to seeing how these relationships will grow. God has shown me how important it is to be connected to people and that connections are part of God’s great plan for me.

Lay School is such a great experience and building connections is just part of it. If you are

interested in learning more about the Lay School of Ministry, I would love to talk with you, share my faith story and talk about the love and trust I have in God. This Sunday, Lay School ministers will be leading worship together. I know that any one of us would be willing to have a conversation with you if you would like to learn more. I know God’s call for my life is connecting with people and sharing my faith with them. I look forward to continuing with Lay School Continuing Ed classes and making connections with many more


I look forward to having the conversation with you! Kristen Braatz

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