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Thanksgiving Parrot

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

​My favorite joke around Thanksgiving is about a person who rescues a naughty parrot from the local animal shelter just before Thanksgiving. Sure enough, shortly after arriving the parrot acts up and the new owner says, “If you don’t shape up, I’ll put you in the freezer until you learn your lesson.” The parrot wasted no time and was naughty again. The new owner put the parrot into the freezer and said, “You’re going to stay in there until you’re ready to behave.” When the new owner went to get the parrot out, it was shivering. The new owner asked, “Now parrot, are you going to behave?” The parrot said, “Yes but tell me one thing.” The new owner asked, “What is it?” The parrot pointing to the freezer replied, “What did the turkey do?”

Here we are once again! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there is so much to be thankful for! Sure, this year is no exception from any other year that gifts us with many twists and turns that we must navigate. But Thanksgiving is about the harvest of what’s been produced. We have welcome over 20 children through baptism. We have received a new people through the new partners class. We reach many more people by livestreaming. God has and does produce goodness in our midst! When you gather for Thanksgiving with family and friends, what is it you’re grateful for? How has God blessed you? Take some time to share your responses before or after your Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving Eve worship will be a pre-recorded service for you to watch with your families when it best for you to gather. Two reasons for this service to be pre-recording. The first is that it is good for us to take time with our families and share in the blessings God shares with us. The second reason is that we are needing more people to volunteer. With the holiday, we do not have enough people present who are willing to volunteer to make in-person worship happen. So, like our stewardship theme this fall, “Think Outside.” We have had to think outside our usual understanding so that we can provide a worship experience.

Dessert Drop Off - to give thanks we are asking you to make or purchase an extra dessert to be dropped off at church before noon on Wednesday (11.24). The desserts will be delivered and shared with Pillars (our local homeless shelter). We are told that often dessert is not served at Pillars, because this is a forgotten item. We are hoping for 15 or more desserts to share. Please bring desserts in a non-returnable container.

See and hear how God’s love is coming to life as you share in Thanksgiving!

Christ’s Blessings & Peace,

Pastor Nate

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