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Youth and Faith

As we wrap up another year of Christian Education and Confirmation, I find myself reflecting on a year filled with questions, curiosity, and observing. My favorite part of teaching is watching the excitement in our youth when they learn something different and new. It is also an honor to see something “click” for the first time in their faith understanding. Their follow-up questions are deep, thoughtful, and at times add a glimpse of their lives outside of the church. 

When meeting with the 9th graders, I was impressed with their depth of understanding of their faith. One of the subjects that comes up in interviews before being confirmed is, “Who has supported you on your faith journey? Who is your biggest support? Who do you model after?” More than not, the answer is the parents. 

When we speak about our faith models, we talk a lot about the people we watched growing up who were involved in our faith formation through volunteering, through going to worship together, and talking about faith at home. I found that as I got older and moved away from family, that was something I missed dearly. The tradition of going to church with my family on Sunday mornings was lost and I found myself, as an adult, wishing for that tradition to come back. 

Our youth see our engagement in ministry and faith and model that. When adults around them show interest in ministry, discipleship, and worship- the youth follow that lead. 

When life gets busy, think of ways to engage in faith with the family. If you are a sports parent, can you pray with your kids before their event? Imagine worship a bit different if you are a busy family who wants to stay home Sunday morning. If it’s a “low-key” Sunday morning, gather the family around in their pj’s, watch worship together online, while eating breakfast as a family. It’s these simple things that keep our youth engaged. 

Something I wholeheartedly believe in and preach on is that church is meant to meet people where they are. If your student has missed time in Christian Education but has the ability to come back- we are here to meet them where they are. If they missed a lot the previous year, talk to Pr. Nate, Susie, Grandpa Jack, or myself about helping to catch them up on what they missed. If it has been a while since your family has worshiped together, that’s okay! We will meet you where you are. 

I look forward to teaching 8th grade again next year and working with our High School youth to continue their faith formation. It has truly been a blessing and an honor to be a part of their faith formation and hearing more about your faith traditions in your families! 

Vicar Sommer

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